Monday, January 12, 2009

Endless Thoughts♥


Ambition is modifying… that is a special quote that I love to use which I created myself.
I can be expensive, a bargain or even hand made… I take on such rolls as a motivator and an icon… who am I? BEST DRESSED…
Some times I’m consider awkward, a state of mind, extension of one’s self…who am I? THE WEIRDESS…
I’m in an endless popularity contest entered by you… you can make me or break me…who am I? MOST POPULAR…
Outgoing is what they call me… I like them spicy & hot…I’m known 4 breaking up happy homes…please watch out…who am I? MOST FLIRTATOUS…
I’m a show stopper… I turn heads and I draw all attention to me… I am an __expression of individuality and uniqueness… who am I? CREATIVE DRESS…I AM ME!

You think you know but you have no idea. The world is moving so fast but it seems that we are moving so slowly. To feel the world revolving but feel as if you’re stuck in one place. You want to take a step but your feet just won’t move. We are the source, the answers to all the questions we seem to have. From past to present leading on into our future.

Real eyes realize real lies~
Take my hands as I bring you into my world of imperfection…walk with me as I explore my expectations and accomplish my goals. Allow us to teach each other things we have never experienced as we embrace our unconditional acceptance of our faults.
Everyday I grow and learn; everyday I experience something new; my thoughts constantly wonder, wonder into a world that’s unknown to everyone but me and you… as I continue to explore it… and that choice is solely what you make it… all I know is that I’m going to live mine…love…live…life!
Take my hand as I bring you into my world of imperfection. Walk with me as I explore my exp
Finding yourself is being yourself; an original is always worth more than a copy. Who you are begins with what you do. When soul searching yourself you shouldn’t look so hard; you should just let it come to you. You may never make a discovery if you’re afraid to make a mistake. You make mistakes to learn from them. Life isn’t always what it seems from an outside perspective; it can only be what you make it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… so how do we know where and when to start trying to find the good, the bad and the ugly in ourselves? From a survey constructed most people seem to think in the high school years is where it all begins. In the high school years most people, nine times out of ten, are filled with so much and so many trials and tribulations. It causes people to stand their ground and keep their head high so that they can mature into a more conservative person.
“Oh, I’d love to believe I’m in an invisible world. It would undermine all the suffering and pressure of the physical world. But it would also negate the value of the money I have in the bank, my decent house and all my hard work. All our problems and all our blessings could be readily dismissed because they’d be no more real than plot events in a book or movie. An invisible, external world would render this world an illusion.”
~Stranger than Fiction
Dream with me; we can experience as much cosmic tenderness as we possibly can. Exploring our minds, souls, and bodies… this feeling that I am feeling is penetrating peace within me.
Beauty is worth so much more than gold but beauty lies within. Being yourself is finding yourself! It’s what’s inside your heart, something that won’t change. Saying that you’re outgoing and creative are just words that describe you but its not who you are. We as people tend not to look inside ourselves really closely to notice the significance we individuals stand for.

Peace && Love♥
--Ahava Jadori
[The Legendary Style Icon].

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  1. This was beautiful. Simple complications. I am all for the play on words....follow the blog!!