Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself♥

Hey Amercia...
O.k. sO first let me start off by saying "Happy New Year"
This is my first time officially blogging on a bloggers website so dont laugh at me.
sOOOOOOO heres some of the basics about me.
Be Back Soon.
Peace && Love♥
--Ahava Jadori
[The Legendary Style Icon].
Since her first performance on stage at the early age of 5, Shelby Camphor aka Ahava JaDori has been addicted to entertaining the public. From the first time she’s hit the stage performing at Teddy Bear Day Care after crying on stage from overcoming her fear of “all eyes on me”. Shelby believes that is when she ’officially’ realized she loved entertainment. She pursued her love of performing through the years with various leads in many musical productions. From her first competition, Shelby has not only been recognized by judges and audiences alike, but has been remembered and stood out in a crowd as a star. Shelby has wanted to be a super star since she was born! She used to dress up in big heels, mini skirts, and put tons of glittery lipstick on and perform for not only her family and friends but anyone willing to watch. While singing and strutting her stuff became apart of her daily routine Shelby grew to believe she was the rich and famous over night.

Shelby was born an only child in Arlington Virginia and from there moved to the Maryland & Washington D.C area at age five, but has always felt like she grew up in LA or NY because she spent most of her time performing and auditioning. From Maryland where she graduated from Suitland High School, she moved to Brooklyn NY for college and has spent the last year there. Although Shelby has only been in the Big Apple a short time she has started working with some of the big names in the entertainment industry focusing on her talent as a model, singer, dancer and performer.
To tap into her creative side Shelby has been a leading captain an inspiration in many of her extra curricular activities such as cheerleading, dance, high school modeling group PASC, editor & chief of her high school newspaper and many more.

At age 12 while attending Bradbury Elementary School in Capital Heights MD, Shelby started her own singing group from her long time inspirations TLC and Destiny’s Child. While being the lead singer of her group they performed in many school shows and community organizations. They also competed in many talent shows, winning first place in their “SING OR GO HOME” competition for best group vocalist. while moving from elementary to middle school while entering the 7th grade Shelby found herself really falling for a new but old passion of modeling. Looking up to such people as Tyra Banks, Naimo Campbell, Heidi Klum & Gisele Bundchen.

While in the high school Shelby tried out for “Making The Band” and almost made it until the judges found out she was to young and sent her home. While falling down she still managed to get back up and follow her dreams and explore herself musically. Drawing from influences including Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige, Nas, Jay Z, Marylin Manson, Al Green, Diddy, The Roots, Brandy, Aaliyah, Pattie LaBelle, Ben Harper and many others, Shelby has the talent and determination to continue on her road to success. While in her senior year Shelby really start setting forth her foot and after graduating tried out for Americas Next Top Model in 2007 & 2008. While still waiting for a call back from tryouts from the 2008 season. Shelby signed a modeling contract with “Style Entertainment” and went on to do many things such as music videos and magazines.

Although leading an exceptionally busy schedule, Shelby Camphor devotes any free time she has to family and friends. She has also started some charity work, working with the Peace Aholics & WPGC for the youth and stop the violence organization. With continuing to be drop dead gorgeous in a photo and the true definition of the style channel she lives to be a phenomenon. With an original style that screams dope, her walk, style and swagger changes the definition of cunt, she is fiercely cunt.

She is destined to spend her life on stage and in the public eye. She’s determined, committed, ambitious, confident, energetic, hard working and striving to reach the top. She captures her audience not only with her outstanding looks, her girlish smile, and her passion for both modeling & dancing but most importantly her unmistakable talent. "At this point in my life, the stage has taught me the things I value most in my character: compassion, patiences, and eternal love for anything or anyone expressive and unrestrained." Flawlessly flawed, an advocate, getting what I want non resistance!

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